Artificial love, synthetic passion and other drugs

Artificial love, synthetic passion and other drugs

When two people fall in love, both parties often convince themselves that their experiences are as unique as they are. They entrust themselves to a benevolent conspiracy of fate that wants them to be reunited and immersed; fills the diabetes of the audience of their lives with infuriating lovers. With the determination of a bullet in the air, a swarm of emotional vibrations run through her veins… believing, for a moment, at least, that they’re part of something bigger. Having this intense abundance, budgerigars place all their hopes on their loved ones, overflowing with a passion that is believed to be unquenchable. The reverse becomes one’s center of gravity and makes a fair bond from every renunciation to travel to that beautiful shore of omnipotence in friction with the beloved body. Sayonara discreet baby. This insane feeling sweetens everything and A shot of ecstasy to the bone, the slow motion romance of a smile is addictive… Addictive as hell!

Let’s see, all this is nothing but the subjective result of our brain’s chemistry game, we got it, right? Beauty is the overflowing sensitivity that kicks the door of our perception. transvestite His irritability at dawn is the result of a change in hormones. In fact, it’s less dignified for some researchers. The experience of love represents little more than a “biological bribery.” This is how the evolutionist anthropologist Anna Machin from Oxford (UK) sees it in her book. Why We Love: The New Science Behind Our Closest Relationshipsaffirms that we love to survive, that romance is merely a cultural construct of the misrepresentation of desire. as Plato said Feast; We love what we miss and cannot let go when we come face to face with it. This is where the possessive epidemics and dangerous fears for which we commit unspeakable atrocities arise.

Let’s think about the hermits, the enlightened hermits, of course, not those bouquets of unbearable bitterness that no one can tolerate because they can’t even stand themselves. Ascetic ascetics entrusted to Nirvana do not need others because objectively, dealing with our fellowmen is often worthless work. That’s why we admire them. Because these light beings of tribalism, who live in groups worshiping sheep, succeed in meeting the indispensable need of the race. Not only do they renounce the desire to recreate in the satisfaction of needs, but also Going against nature by removing the evolutionary reversal of loving someone.

But its solitude is an exotic experience. It can be said, not recommended. how did he solve it John Cacioppo’s article Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection, Being alone can be as physically damaging and debilitating as drinking three packs of Marlboro a day.. Therefore, biological progress is accompanied by the chemical trick of love. Thus, even if we are pushed by sharing oxygen with other people, we do so and continue to give birth, regardless of the sullen dreams that bloom in our consciousness.

Cocktail bar is open! Star mix: an oxytocin base with a good dose of dopamine. Then we add a dash of endorphins, liveliness, a little more phenylethylamine (the secret ingredient in amphetamines) so we add a dash of acetylon to the groin to revive the pulse in case the previous drops of adrenaline were insufficient. jeans need to go to the washing machine and… a little! love in the body First class mix frogs and toads princes and princesses, so be careful! There is a risk of being willing to turn them into fried legs rather than sharing them. It seems logical if we pay attention to Freud’s interpretation of the transference. Love as a reflection of an ideal image that we have found, on the contrary, although we have not succeeded in building it within ourselves.thus leading to an experience of wholeness. And let’s face it, it’s hard to share.

But nothing is forever and sooner or later we become tolerant of the shaker’s ingredients. If Frederic Beigbeder said that love takes three yearsRather than falling into monotony, having sex boring, or mother-in-law being the flawed material; ash and critical. Like the farlopero going from gram to kilo with addiction, the human brain becomes accustomed to the doses stimulated by this love object. And so, without drinking or eating it, the spell gradually fades. How then can there be those who claim to love another being even after decades? Here the main article comes into play; beta-endorphin. About this hormone and neurotransmitter Machin says:It works exactly like an opiate. Extremely addictive. […] It forces the satisfaction of an irreversible desire.” And unlike its predecessors, it “supports the feeling of love in the long run.”

After these chemical theses, an experiment was carried out in 2004, published in the magazine Naturededicated to the study of voles (no, talking about young budgies is not a euphemism). They are penguin-like mammals that mate for life. They are the eternal high school lovers of the animal kingdom, buried side by side in a small plot of the cemetery. These cute rodents suppressed their vasopressin, a hormone that was discovered despite being involved in the contraction of blood vessels. determined the interests of these animals for their irreplaceable partners. When unhindered, the wild rats sped past their mates as if they had taken down Tinder. Further proof that romanticism as such is a social construct that supports Machin’s previously quoted theses.

So knowing the content of love and being able to walk on the Moon, along with how tiring it is to get there, Being able to devise an artificial melody that evokes that feeling in our minds would be welcome.. And it is! Those famous knight love potions are within our reach. Be careful, no one will think I’m here to apologize for the glass; That little brownie is so rich that one night a Zionist and a Hamas hug each other.

In this regard, science, more specifically the field of optogenetics, has broken down barriers. By applying light beams to the neural network associated with love with the combination of genetic and optical methods, It is possible to ignite the sacred fires of attachment, passion, and that possessive desire for the other.. It occurred to him to ask himself who had lost enough north to allow himself to put his finger on the brain patty to prove this theory. Well, that’s the thing, as far as we know there’s no one right now, this A call for artificial love was made at Emory University (USA). with the previously mentioned prairie voles.

However, it does start an interesting discussion. Would people be willing to sell the free will of loving encounter, to auction off the art Fromm found in love in exchange for consuming it as they please? Yes, it would be a mirage, but it would be a joyful and compensated release from the terrible void that lost love has left us. After all, we go to any fast food restaurant and we know that the promotional images of the food will be far from what they sell us. But here we end. Swallowing a seedy, skimpy version with shoe soles stuffed to the brim with flavor enhancers. For most people, it’s hard to resist the temptation of that regular snack. Then how many people will resist biting the apple of experiencing the feeling of falling in love?

It is worth falling in love with, long outdated. To misinterpret Eastern philosophy as a raincoat, that the most beautiful thing is to flow. LiquidGlide and change those that, by a small margin, shatter the projection of our ideal image. Or, at least, that’s what seems to be bought around us. Personally, I think this is more of an opportunistic mask than a genuine sense of collective disconnection. this desertification benefits only those who profit from the eternally unsatisfied pursuit of eroticism. Let’s not forget that even when we suppress love, there are those who find benefits.

Returning to creation rather than suppression optogenetics as the creator of a hyper-realistic love simulator It’s just one of the roads that await us in this land. let’s think Neuralink, company of messiah-Musk. If they’ve already managed to mentally hook a monkey to a screen, it won’t be long before they can deliver discreet shocks to the hypothalamus and the pineal and pituitary glands responsible for secreting the aforementioned hormones. maybe we can enjoy being in love without knowing who or what. The universe as a whole, perhaps…

Regarding the latter, the philosopher Slavoj Žižek It has a very interesting thesis.. It tells us about its affinity with quantum physics, where the universe would be filled with a positively charged void, and properties result from the decay of that void. When an imbalance occurs, things are created. The universe is a vast nothingness where things were born out of a cosmic catastrophe. So by mistake. The most beautiful expression of this in man is definitely love. That’s why, according to Žižek, those who talk about ‘loving the universe’ are so repulsive that You cannot love the unstable, because love is an extremely violent act.. A fragmented election doomed to destabilize. Love is bad and come hippies Asking a Slovenian academic for an explanation.

Now let’s imagine that if we don’t choose who we fall in love with in this situation, we can choose to fall in love. How to go seller reliable for curing ailment, but without the need for methamphetamine or antidepressants this time (if we go to the legal dealer, i.e. pharmacist). A Christmas carnival shines more dazzling lights on the brain than Vigo’s and enjoys a lasting sense of satiety. Being love, yes, that powerful and addictive drug, It is not possible to envision the work of a person who manages to be remembered wholeheartedly in the hearts of others..

Even without absolute consensus on the unspeakableness of love beyond its chemical origins, we may soon give birth to it automatically, without effort or luck, to our narcissistic pleasure.what to destroy Mauro Gallardo exposed in an article in the magazine ethic: “At the end of the day, this is where love as delivery lies: to give it without further ado, unselfishly. It is guided only by a generous force that seeks and seeks the freedom and well-being of the other, without implying giving up our own happiness in any case. If we can choose to love as we choose a cereal brand, there is little left of surrender and generosity but masturbation.

Baudelaire wrote this “Love is the desire to get out of yourself”. Who knows? Perhaps soon love will have the advantage of not having to.

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