Fifth Health Plan includes equity, well-being and greater health for citizens as strategic lines

Fifth Health Plan includes equity, well-being and greater health for citizens as strategic lines

Miguel Mínguez, Minister of Universal Health and Public Health, attended the session of the Consell de Salut de la Comunitat Valenciana, the highest body in the Comunitat for citizens’ participation in health issues, presenting the V Health Plan for 2022. -2030.

The event was attended by Ofelia Gimeno, regional secretary of Public Health, Julio Máñez, general manager of Public Health and Addictions, and Isabel Dolz, president of the Valencia Community Health Council.

During his speech, the Minister of Health stressed the importance of the Health Plan for Health, because it is “a tool that includes a framework of action for implementing all actions, health policies and the management of Valencian public health”.

In this sense, Mínguez stated that “the new plan is prepared from a perspective derived from the compulsory learning acquired due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has enabled us to move to more proactive healthcare.” In that sense, “V Health Plan goes beyond curative health into health that is committed to health promotion and disease prevention,” he said.

Thus, the Plan is structured in three basic lines. It includes a series of actions in the first place and focuses on the objectives of increasing equality in the policies developed by the public services.

On the other hand, the second strategic line focuses on increasing the well-being of the population at all stages of life, and finally, the third strategic line draws attention to the importance of strengthening the health system and adapting it to the needs of society. , in order to improve the health of citizens.

As the minister explained, “it is a designed plan that takes people and our way of life into account. In fact, every individual action has a clear impact on the environment and this is on health, hence the importance of building healthy environments and promoting good lifestyle habits as health promotion tools”.

This new Plan, which will guide public health action and policy in the Community of Valencia, is the result of dialogue and reflection with the public, with different sectors of society, and with professionals who contribute their experience and prior knowledge on health and non-health issues. health programs and plans.

In this sense, Mínguez said, “reconciliation arises from dialogue and from actively listening to the people who are part of the health system, as professionals, management or users.”

It is also a plan that includes all necessary lines of action and prepares the health system for current and future needs. In fact, all the goals set to achieve the best health and well-being for the Valencia Community population are focused on the slogan “more equality, more prosperity, more health”.

As Mínguez states, “I believe this V Health Plan will be a key element in creating, strengthening and advancing the transformation of the healthcare system that we have been developing in recent years, and will undoubtedly contribute to improving and expanding the system’s capacity to respond to new challenges”.

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