Meet Dino, the new MyStake option to save a handful of coins

Meet Dino, the new MyStake option to save a handful of coins

The best online casinos fill their gaming library with titles designed to please the tastes of different types of players. Proof of this is MyStake, a casino that once again gives people something to talk about with the fun and original crash minigame Dino that has caused a sensation among its community.

just take a look To find the graphic and design similarity between Dino and the classic Google game that appears on the screen when the internet connection is lost. However, there is a big difference, the MyStake option allows you to make significant profits.

Intuitive and very dynamic mechanics

The reason why well-known and successful influencers recommend Dino through their social networks is none other than the fun and dynamism provided by the unique game mechanics. Unlike other casino games, luck loses its importance.

Cashing in requires predicting when an asteroid will hit Dino while running. In this way, the multiplier increases as the dinosaur progresses.

Each round, players have the option to place one or two bets, the goal – as much as possible – to make the multiplier reach the highest number before the collision.

In MyStake Dino, the bonus is for the player who hit his exit before the asteroid hit the dinosaur, or the same thing, who managed to retire in time. The profit corresponds to the result of multiplying the number of the bet with the number accompanying the character.

Real-time batch game

In Dino, the player who takes the hit before exiting the round loses the bet, the information available on the screen because the game breaking the classic casino schemes gives the option to know the bets and winnings of other players live.

Another singularity of the mechanics is the integration of the AUTO BUTTON with the aggregate function, which allows to automate bets.

In Dino, the player is the one who manually determines the exit as well as the moment when the character stops progressing. According to the mechanics, the snow is distributed among the players who managed to stop the race when the asteroid hit; access to a new round requires new bets.

100% deposit bonus for playing dino

Considering the fun of its community and as a strategy to attract new users, MyStake offers a 100% return on the first deposit up to €/$500. Access to the bonus is available in the main menu under “Promotions”.

It should be noted that the enjoyment of the bonus, like any other promotion offered by the casino, is subject to certain conditions and wagering requirements that deserve to be analyzed before acceptance, as they relate to release and withdrawal. Amount donated and possible profits.

ease of earning

Dino is a game where luck has the last word, doesn’t require any skill or strategy, the best way to win is to have fun and leave everything to chance.

Ambition can quickly become the enemy, it is a mistake for beginners to be guided by impulse and ambition rather than retreat in time after making a good profit.

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