What are your odds of winning the 2022 Christmas Lottery?

What are your odds of winning the 2022 Christmas Lottery?


Out of 100,000 tricks to spin on December 22, 15,304 will be rewarded, but only one to be adorned with Gordo

The balls corresponding to the Jackpot prize of the 2022 Christmas Lottery draw.Juan Carlos HidalgoEfe

this lottery between Christmas Lottery 2022 just around the corner and who else thinks less of their dreams and illusions these days. Because what if he touches me? Although the outcome in any game of chance is unpredictable, the human race refuses to submit and rely on fate, premonitions, statistics or urban legends. Does this ignorance imply that the phenomenon cannot be studied? Not at all, and there is mathematics, a science that is said to be exact and deterministic, that studies random phenomena and does this through a probability measure that goes from 0 to 1 and gives us an idea. how easy or difficult it is for something to happen. Like this,What are your odds of winning the 2022 Christmas Lottery??

Part of the popularity of the Christmas Lottery lies in the fact that compared to other games of chance it is a little easier to take a pinch, although in most cases there is a cashback or a smaller prize.

And one of the 100,000 figures that will be on the agenda next December 22nd, 15,304 prizes will be awarded. Of course, the holders of the remaining 84,696 numbers will have to be content with health, love and ‘there is no better lottery than every day’s work’.

According to the calculations provided efe with daniel perez palauProfessor of Computational Mathematics at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), 15 percent of lottery players will at least get their investment back, and 5 percent of them will win more than their investment..

If we stick with Gordo, the accounts are clear, because of the 100,000 digits that will circulate around the exaggeration, only one will fall from the trumpet to the trophy accompanied by the missing first prize. In an other saying, The probability of winning the Christmas Jackpot is 100,000.

So that decimal that you eagerly hide 0.001% percent The same goes for second and third place prizes. with other awards such as two fourth awardspercentage increases 0.002% and one 0.008% for quintet.

One more piece of information for those who play large sums of money in the Christmas Lottery in search of Gordo: If anyone has played 1,000 different numbersthis also requires an expense 20.000 € one in ten would only have 1% chance to win the first prize.


in 2022 The total amount allocated to the awards is 2,520,000,000 Euros.. The lottery consists of 180 series of 100,000 tickets each. Each ticket with a price of 200 euros is divided into tenths of 20 euros. The 15,304 rewards are distributed as follows:

– 1 first prize: Known as the Christmas Gordo, this is the draw’s top prize. Specifically, four million euros for the series, 400,000 Euros per tenth (4 million series).

– 1 second prize: The Christmas Sweepstakes awards the series with 1.25 million euros for the second prize. Well, 125,000 Euros for every tenthwhich makes it one of the main prizes.

– 1 third prize: The raffle rounds off their biggest prize with 500,000 Euros for the winning ticket. This assumes that every tenth corresponds 50,000 €.

– 2 fourth place prizes: Number two was awarded as the fourth prize (200,000 Euros for the series, 20.000 € tenth).

– 8 fifth prizes: number eight as the fifth prize representing 60,000 euros per ticket, 6,000 Euros tenth.

– Stone: to deal 1.000 Euros for number 1,794 out of hype, that is 100 euros to the tenth

– Other rewards: approaches to first, second and third place prizes (before and after the number); for the same hundreds of five main prizes; to the last two digits of the first, second and third place awards; and until Gordo’s last trick. They are distributed like this:

  • Two prizes of €20,000 per series for those approaching Gordo, two prizes of €12,500 per series for those approaching second place, and two prizes of €9,600 for those approaching third place.
  • 495 prizes of 1,000 euros, tickets for the same percentage numbers from the first, second, third, fourth and fifth place prizes. That is, the remaining 99 percent of each of the winning numbers.
  • 2,997 prizes of 1,000 Euros per ticket for first, second and third place prizes for those whose last two numbers are equal or equal.
  • The last of the possible rewards is the refund. So the deposit will be refunded. This distributes 9,999 prizes of 200 Euros per series for tickets with the same final figure as Gordo’s.
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