Why are animal cookies harmful to health, according to Profeco?

Why are animal cookies harmful to health, according to Profeco?

An analysis led by Profeco revealed that Animalitos cookies are harmful to health (Photo: Gustavo Тrujillo/Twitter)

According to a study by the Federal Consumer Advocate (prophecy) content appeared. animal cookies has unhealthy. The analysis was published in an issue of the journal. Consumer MagazineIt is stated that the brand is not beneficial for consumers because it may cause negative effects on humans.

collected work 80 products from multiple categories, that the institution has determined that there are certain products whose food content is harmful to the human body. Listed were “cookies”small animalsIt belongs to the brand known as ”. To the games.

According to the product bag description, there are cookies inspired by the shape of more than 50 different animals such as tigers, zebras, lions, camels, giraffes, whales among others. According to the information revealed by the analysis, the preparation is as follows: poor quality and includes excess sodium.

His research revealed that the main problem with these cookies, according to Profeco, lies in the ingredients they contain. large amounts of sodium. According to the analyzed data, For every 100 grams of product, 562 milligrams of sodium is consumed.which makes it one of the highest salt levels on the market.

Cookies contain a lot of sodium (Screenshot: Consumer Magazine)
Cookies contain a lot of sodium (Screenshot: Consumer Magazine)

In other words, according to data published by the World Health Organization (WHO), if you consume large amounts of animal cookies per day, you will exceed the recommended 2 grams of sodium.

it should be noted that 200 g packets contain 552 milligrams of sodium.that is, there is excess sodium in each of the wrapping papers. The list of the most harmful brands for health is as follows:

small animals: 562 mg per 100 g consumed.

Golden Virgins: 469 mg per 100 grams ingested.

emperor pirouettes: 465 mg per 100 g consumed.

Classic Wonders: 452 mg per 100 g swallowed.

chocolate flavored emperor: 450 mg per 100 g consumed.

The product with the lowest score in the survey was “Animalitos” (Screenshot: Consumer Magazine)

Orange Blossom Classics: 442 mg per 100 g swallowed.

Ventilation: 392 mg per 100 g consumed.

Delicate coconut flavor: 332 mg per 100 g swallowed.

According to Consumer Magazine, most people consume too much salt. an average of 9 to 12 g per daywell, twice the maximum intake suggested. The main benefit of reducing salt intake is the reduction of arterial hypertension.

Salt intake of less than 5 g per day in an adult contributes to lowering blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and myocardial infarction. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that: 2.5 million deaths each year could be prevented if global salt consumption is reduced to the recommended level.

Finally, the recommendations given by Profeco when purchasing a product are: read tags, check the nutrition statement, be careful especially if you are hypertensivebecause fresh foods should be consumed and sodium should not be taken or made in very low amounts.


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