Greeicy Rendón broke the silence about his state of health: "I couldn't even speak"

Greeicy Rendón broke the silence about his state of health: “I couldn’t even speak”

One of Colombia’s and Latin America’s most beloved singers, Greeicy has been making fans fall in love with her for decades when she became the daily face of Latin television with the series. vampire girlmade him one of the most versatile and talented artists of the moment.

Today, Greeicy continues to occasionally appear on the small screen as the lead in the Netflix series. wild rhythm; But music is the art he devotes the most time to and he visits several Latin countries with his current partner, also singer Mike Bahía, taking his song repertoire in between. Toxic, away with me Y Destiny.

La Cali always gives everything to its audience on the world stage, and it sometimes harms his health as well. like a few weeks ago when the singer had to stop on the road and go through a health facility to get some treatments. and attacks some respiratory ailments that affect it. In the video she posted on her Instagram stories, she is seen wearing an oxygen mask and a vapor similar to the one that occurs when nebulizing.

This worried all her fans who were waiting for her with Mike Bahía on the singer’s Amantes tour: Kai, whose next stops would be Guatemala and El Salvador, the cities the Cali woman had said she was going to, or even showed she was going to. health is not 100%. Again, Many of his followers believe in him and express their love for him by sending him a lot of good energy so that his body can be restored and he can sing his best hits.

Then, a day later, the singer resurfaced on Instagram stories showing the beautiful weather she was able to enjoy during a short stop in Costa Rica to fill up the gas tank of the plane she was traveling on in Central America. There she confessed that she thought she wouldn’t be able to give her Cali female concerts, and she showed that her cough wasn’t going away either.

The truth is, to be honest, I thought I couldn’t do these two ‘shows’; I couldn’t even speak yesterday so I had this (cough) but three times… But hey, thanks to the people who took care of me, helped me, they treated me super divine, they did everything I need to be good today, they will be fine thanks to the mind and positive energy that everything is, everything went well, see you today and tomorrow ‘ said the translator, liqueur.

Mike Bahía has also been very attentive to his partner and is always there when he needs something special, devoting his time to being aware of his son Kai and others. new music about to be released, with a song with a lot of salsa and caleña essencerespecting the land of his birth.

While Mike was flying, he recorded himself singing his new salsa single. “This song is LA FERIA DE CALI, it’s like my land!! SHOULD WE GET ONE? Today, where I have achieved many successes outside my country, I feel that I should remember and celebrate where I come from! I come from the branch of heaven! I love you Kali!”, the singer wrote in her publication, which already has more than 54 thousand. love and more than a thousand comments from fans, friends and colleagues saying “Yes” to the new song.

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