These are the effects of hypertension on mental health.

These are the effects of hypertension on mental health.

risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases increases as the person suffers hypertension, because your blood puts a lot of pressure on your arteries. It is common to want to correct this hypertension through dietary changes, such as reducing salt intake, drinking decaffeinated coffee, or reducing consumption of red meat. However, for most high blood pressure sufferers, the solution is to take it. one pill a day for life.

The most common symptoms of hypertension are: headache, nosebleeds, and confusion. However, it is blood pressure measurements made by an outpatient nurse or doctor that confirm this pathology. However, beyond physical symptoms, they can also occur. psychological symptoms, although not usually taken into account. It appears to be associated with high blood pressure. depressive symptoms, neuroticism, and anxiety.

experts from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Collaborative Innovation Center for Genetic Collaborative Innovation and Developmentone in china Research Which journal is it published in? General Psychiatry. This research, which aims to shed light on this issue, genetic causes between blood pressure and anxiety and depressive symptoms, neuroticism and subjective well-being.

Hypertension affects neuroticism

To achieve the result, the researchers used a technique called mendel randomization (MR), based on information from eight study datasets. This includes large-scale whole genome association for hypertension, systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP), pulse pressure, anxiety, depressive symptoms, neuroticism, and subjective well-being. This technique reduces observational biases.

The results were clear and high blood pressure neuroticismAgain not with depression and worry. The source of the depressive and anxious states of a patient with hypertension is precisely the neurotic personality.

In this case, neuroticism is particularly important because it is among the most common symptoms. persistent feelings of sadness and apathy, low tolerance for others and their behavior, high sensitivity and sensitivity, irritability, emotional instability, social isolation, and indifference to pleasurable activities. These symptoms can be controlled by balancing the patient’s stress with medication. For a healthy adult, these blood pressure values ​​would be 120/80 mmHg.

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Hypertension can also accelerate bone aging

PhD in biomedical engineering from Vanderbilt University in the United States Elizabeth Maria Hennen He pioneered a study that showed that high blood pressure can occur. accelerate aging bones. Researchers induced high blood pressure in young mice, which bone loss and damage related to osteoporosis comparable to that of aged mice.

Researchers in this study Hypertension Scientific Sessions 2022, edited by american heart association and published in ‘EurekAlert’. Scientists have studied the inflammation associated with it. high blood pressure in mice and discovered that it may be related osteoporosis. Both are common diseases and people can get them at the same time.

Hennen explains: bone marrow This is where both new bone and new immune cells are produced.” “We suspect that more proinflammatory immune cells in the bone marrow may be the cause. damages the bone and weakens it. By understanding how high blood pressure contributes to osteoporosis, we can: reduce the risk of it and better protect people from fragility fractures and a lower quality of life,” he continues.

Bone X-ray. Photo: Mehmet Turgut Kırkgöz (Unsplash)

They used the total for the study 45 mice: 12 young (4 months old) and 11 elderly (16 months old) were given the hormone angiotensin II, which causes high blood pressure. six weeks. There were also two other groups in the study: one of 13 young mice and one of nine older mice. Finally, the researchers analyzed the bones of four groups and examined both. power as density. To predict the potential effects of hypertension and aging they used mathematical algorithms.

The results are that the mice youth 24% reduction in those causing hypertension bone volume18% trabecular bone thickness at the ends of long bones (such as the femur and vertebral column) and 34% estimated failure powerThis is the ability of bones to resist different types of forces. The force of failure means: weaker bones In the spine, weak bones can lead to vertebral fractures throughout life,” says Dr. Hennen.

However, older mice, which also suffered from hypertension, did not show similar bone loss. This led the researchers to the conclusion that “in these mice, being hypertensive at a younger age.” They aged their bones as if they were 15 to 25 years olderspeaking humanly ».

Scientists also analyzed mouse bone marrow Identifying individual cells and classifying specific immune cells. This led the young hypertensive mice to discover an increase in the number of molecules of: inflammatory signal; This, in turn, indicates an increase. inflammation of bones compared to mice without high blood pressure.

The study director said these discoveries cells and immune mechanisms They play a role in the health of human bones. This could lead to the prevention of osteoporosis in early adulthood, but more is still needed. studiesto confirm findings, especially in humans.

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