They want the "Law of Jafet" for the case of a UV student injured by a SUX truck - Diario de Xalapa

They want the “Law of Jafet” for the case of a UV student injured by a SUX truck – Diario de Xalapa

To ensure safe public transport service, an initiative was introduced in local Congress that aims to compel transit permit holders to pay for medical expenses when a user experiences an accident.

the proposal in question It came to light after the accident that occurred when Óscar Jafet Escudero Andrade, a Philosophy student at the University of Veracruzana, fell from a bus in Ruiz Cortines after the driver did not close the door.

The initiative was presented by Fuerza por México’s local lawmaker, Juan Enrique Santos, and recalled the announcement of the crash of a university student who fell on his head from a roaming bus on November 30.

Although the carrier was arrested, he managed to be released hours later as there was nothing to hold him responsible for the accident. Due to the facts, the local lawmaker assured that users have the right to a public transport service that provides them with safety, maintains their integrity and provides an efficient service.

He stated that citizens often witness that public transport operators do not comply with traffic rules, therefore they are not aware of the great responsibility that falls on them.

“As we travel through these units, we put our lives, integrity and safety in their hands, so public transport can turn into a dangerous area if traffic rules are not followed, whether in the morning, on the way home or on the weekend. respected by operators, franchisees or usersexposed.

He emphasized that the young man who fell from the moving bus was seriously injured. The eyewitnesses of the events reported that the youth was in the said unit; But as soon as the driver accelerated, the college student lost his balance and fell onto the pavement, “by operating the unit without closing the doors, revealing the operator’s great responsibility for driving the wrong way.”

He pointed out that the saddest part of the incident was that the concession company tried to evade responsibility, leaving this young man vulnerable, risking his health and life.

What should carriers cover in the event of an accident?

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For this reason, it has been proposed that concessionaires jointly and severally cover the necessary health expenses, while the relevant insurance coverage comes into force in the accidents that affect the users of public transport units in various ways.

Moreover, He asked that operators be prohibited from driving with the doors open, and that violating this rule would result in the suspension of the driver’s license regardless of any other sanctions that might be imposed. In addition, operators of units are required to submit a medical examination every six months that demonstrates their physical and psychological abilities to drive.

Likewise, he wanted the transportation department to suspend rights from a concession for one to three months if vehicle operators for public transport service in urban and suburban submodels exceed 100. Transportation will be provided at the rate of 25 percent of the number of people specified in the circulation card.

Those who participate in drag races, races with other vehicles or drive recklessly to attract the attention of users will also be penalized.

The initiative raises the option of withdrawing concessions if concessionaires, operators or operators neglect or refrain from providing assistance and support to users who are victims of accidents or traffic accidents in their channeling to a public health facility. corresponding legal responsibilities.

The legislator called on the State Attorney General’s Office to immediately integrate the investigation file to clarify this fact and determine responsibility and repair the damages involved.

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