Capellán recommends a Faculty of Health Sciences at UR with studies in Medicine in La Rioja - Logroño.

Capellán recommends a Faculty of Health Sciences at UR with studies in Medicine in La Rioja – Logroño.

Gonzalo Capellán, PP’s candidate for the government of La Rioja, proposed the launch of Medical education at the University of La Rioja (UR) Health Sciences Faculty this Saturday, because “This country and this region need healthcare professionals because of the covid-19 pandemic.

Capellán joined Lardero in the action of the popular people of La Rioja “In defense of a great country”, in which Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the national head of the PP, also intervened; and its general secretary, Cuca Gamarra; and Alberto Galiana, chairman of the party in this region.

Pastor, a professor at that university, continued that RI “should play a very important role in the future” of this autonomous community because it has “traveled the world” and “knows no region or territory that has not been researched.” science and universities as engines of development”. He stressed that “RI is turning 30 years old and that autonomy at the head of La Rioja is one of the main demands of the people of La Rioja”, so “it is time to make a qualitative leap”. “We will talk with this university and propose, with the utmost respect for university autonomy, from the future project of PP to develop a newly created faculty, the faculty of Health Sciences, and bring to life the study of Medicine,” he stressed.

With this initiative, it will continue to correct the fact that “(medical) specialists should be found because there are few places in universities” and thus “more doctors and professionals can be trained and empowered”. health system”. Capellán stressed that “this measure will make it possible to create a health ecosystem with San Pedro Hospital, La Rioja Biomedical Research Center (CIBIR) and RI with a strong Faculty of Health Sciences.”

This “health ecosystem” will allow “professionals to study in La Rioja, do internships in La Rioja and want to develop their families and professional projects in this region” because they have a hospital where they can work, a university where they can build. research and engaging an autonomous community”.


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