Compromís urges Consell to initiate public comeback of Manises health department

Compromís urges Consell to initiate public comeback of Manises health department

loyalty Enrolled in the Valencian Cortes Illegal offer to force Consell To contact the franchise company of the Manises health department with immediate effect initiation of recovery proceedings Effectively and in a timely manner, before the end of the management contract in May 2024.

As deputy spokesman Carles Esteve explained, “with this parliamentary initiative, we propose that the Valencian government begin to take the necessary actions to prepare for the reinstatement of Manises’ direct public administration, in conditions of legal certainty, guarantees the best quality and conditions of both staff and healthcare”.

Manises Hospital and Health Directorate It has been managed by the private company L’horta Manises SA since 2009.As a result of the contract signed with Bupa-Sanitas Group, Valencian generalputting public health services into the hands of the company in the department, which at that time was led by the People’s Party.

A ‘dismantled’ primary care service

As Esteve puts it, “Healthcare by the franchise company peanut based in recent years liquidation of primary health care In the municipalities they are responsible for, job insecurity of health workers, lack of personnel, accumulation of allowances and non-payment with Generalitat.

Likewise, Compromis, concern for primary care Violations by the company in the maintenance and construction of health centers and specialty centers have even led the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health to take over the construction of a health center in Riba-roja de Túria, or a special center for Buñol and Chiva, built by the concession company. centers that need to be established and put into operation.

working conditions

Regarding staff and according to the Audit of the SAI, the company pays healthcare professionals in this privatized department on average 9.5% less than the healthcare professionals they work with in the Valencian public health system. it is a whole and this department also has the worst doctor per capita ratio of all Valencia health departments, with a Valencia health average of 2.75, with only 2.33 doctors per 1,000 population.

Also, during the pandemic covid-19, the franchise company has once again demonstrated its desire to maximize benefits at the expense of the health of the population and the work of professionals, by collectively completing 576 covid booster contracts for the department amid the pandemic in June 2021. still seriously affecting the population, only 24 people were recruited. This contrasts with the situation in publicly administered health departments, where covid supplementation contracts are being renewed and the vast majority of these positions are structured to ensure continued staffing in the health system.

It should be noted “as a result of this” for Esteve. business policy that prioritizes economic benefit over health services, concessionaire L’horta Manises SA made a profit of €18.3 million in 2020 alone (first year of the pandemic), 88.6% more than in the previous year”. Despite the company’s enormous profit, it owes Generalitat 373m euros for its pending settlements since 2009.

“When the Manises concession agreement expires in May 2024, this health department have to go back to public administration consider people’s health care, decent primary health care in municipalities, and decent working conditions for health workers, not the economic interests of a business group. And so we must start working now to make the health department reinstatement effective so that it can once again go public with guarantees and put an end to precarious health care managed by the chartered company,” he said from Commit.

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