Kiko Rivera's delicate health is on the line

Kiko Rivera’s delicate health is on the line

Gout, diabetes, stroke, and now plantar fasciitis. Long list of long-running health issues Kiko Rivera (38) does not stop. After that He recovered from a stroke on October 20and was admitted to the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville for a few days. isabel pantoja (66) announced on his Instagram account this Monday that he suffers from plantar fasciitis, one of the most common causes of heel pain, which involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs through the sole of the foot and connects the bone of the foot. heel with toes. “I have plantar fasciitis, it hurts a lot, but soon I’ll be walking like Forest,” said DJ, who has begun a healing therapy consisting of interspersed hot and cold water baths to reduce inflammation.

Kiko Rivera announces that she has plantar fasciitis / Instagram

This news comes just days after Kiko announced her desire to continue her life “in a completely normal way” as she did not show any major sequelae of the stroke. “It was the biggest fear of my life, I thought I wouldn’t go out. “As you can see, it didn’t leave a significant mark on me, I move my arms, my hands, my face is completely fine, but it changed my life forever.”

But even though this was the most serious blow that Irene Rosales’ husband took in spite of his youth, Kiko Rivera’s health problems started in 2011while participating survivors. There he suffered a gout attack, a rheumatic disease caused by increased uric acid and mainly caused by alcohol consumption, poor diet, obesity, or family history; and this forced him to leave the competition.

Kiko Rivera joins the set of Survivors / Gtres
Kiko Rivera joins the set of Survivors / Gtres

Later in 2017, Sevillan had an operation. gastric band It will help you lose weight. However, despite quitting smoking and starting sports, far from helping him, the group became the source of numerous stomach ailments. So much so that he had to go back to the operating room just to have it removed a year later. “It did some pretty significant damage to my stomach,” he said in 2021.

And his story continues. In 2018, little Rivera announced in a statement: suffer from depressionis about, and partly due to, his drug addiction, which he himself has admitted many times on television. “Today is a tough day for me: I am informing the media that I have decided to step down from the stage because of the depression and to avoid further harm. Thanks to my family and friends for getting through the worst times as they are now, they know who they are. Without further ado, I hope I can gather the necessary strength to go back, it’s impossible at the moment. To hug”.

Kiko Rivera during one of her performances / Gtres
Kiko Rivera during one of her performances / Gtres

Finally, in March of this year, The singer’s son revealed that he has a chronic problem: diabetes, inherited from his mother and Bernardo Pantoja, who recently died at the age of 64. And the truth is that although he announced it as a surprise news, it was already spoken in 2016 that he had this disease. He clarified this himself: “For anyone who asks. She had a sugar boom in 2016, but I was not diagnosed with diabetes.

Before his stroke, Kiko Rivera’s health had also suffered from an illness. throat condition overshadowing the release of his new album, voodoo.

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