Two days after his arrest, a cumbia singer from Santa Fe was convicted of secret gambling - Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

Two days after his arrest, a cumbia singer from Santa Fe was convicted of secret gambling – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

A place rented as a bar in the town of San Genaro was originally a casino. And the person running this illegal gambling business is Germán David Sosa, the singer of the Santa Fe cumbia band Los Lirios. Justice followed in his footsteps, and last Wednesday, with copious amounts of crime-related evidence gathered, police arrested the musician, his wife, a sister, and another person after four raids. This Friday, the four agreed to a shortened hearing and were sentenced to three years in prison, a fine of 360,000 pesos—90,000 each—and a visit to the Children’s Hospital in the state capital and 50 hours of community service.

In addition to Sosa, his wife Mariana Dalma Alfonso, his brother Yanina Soledad Sosa and Jorge Daniel Rocco were also convicted. However, the Coronda Prosecutor’s Office, which is affiliated to District Prosecutor’s Office 1, which conducts the investigation, announced that the investigation regarding other possible parties continues.

Singer of well-known cumbia band Los Lirios arrested for secret gambling in San Genaro

The Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that each of the four people accused of membership of the illegal organization was “fined a fine of 90,000 pesos, the maximum amount permitted by the Criminal Code.” The money will go to Alassia Hospital. Hours of community assignments must be completed within the municipality of San Genaro or in public or publicly controlled establishments such as nursing homes, shelters or health centres.

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The MPA stated that “at least between Friday, July 8th, and last Tuesday, convicted persons committed a crime in a commercial building at Calle Mitre 1200 San Genaro, which they rented as a bar.” There they organized, directed, exploited, and conducted “covert gambling-related activities”. Especially betting on horse racing and card games.

“Each member of the group contributed to the stable and organized functioning of the criminal gang with defined roles,” the prosecution said.

Raids and arrests

The convicts were arrested early last Wednesday during four raids in San Genaro and the town of Centeno, also in the San Jerónimo department.

The Los Lirios singer challenged herself: “Germán Sosa, in the framework of the procedure in which he was deprived of his liberty, shouted and threatened men in uniform from the Criminal Investigation Department (AIC) and the San Genaro police station in charge of the operation”, noting the prosecution. What did he say? He said he would “use his influence to get them fired from their jobs”.

Police teams confiscated playing cards, casino-type bet payment slips, poker sets and bingo cards, which were destroyed in the transactions. Annotated notebooks, two netbooks, a notebook and six mobile phones were also found. The mobile assessment will let us know if the group has more members.

The gang’s investigation took several months, and wiretapping was authorized to gather evidence, revealing the existence of an illegal association figure.

The evidence was plentiful and the defendants accepted the shortened trial procedure through their lawyers one day after their arrest. “The defense expressed interest in concluding the criminal case this way, and when the joint request was submitted, Judge Gustavo Urdiales convicted them in the city of Santa Fe courts,” the MPA said. Added a sentence to Germán Sosa, author of Threats.

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