Two of Margarito's killers sentenced to 25 years in prison

Two of Margarito’s killers sentenced to 25 years in prison

TIJUANA BC, 12 DECEMBER 2022 (AFN).- Two of those involved in the murder of photojournalist Margarito Martínez Esquivel have been sentenced to 25 years in prison after accepting a shortened procedure in the trial.

Meanwhile, another of those involved did not agree to the procedure in question, so his interim hearing was scheduled for April 28 next year.

These are José Heriberto “N” and Adrián “N”, who, through their legal representatives, agreed to an abbreviated procedure in which they were ordered to pay approximately one million pesos for damage repair.

Cristian Adán “N” waived the possibility of a shortened procedure through his lawyer and his trial was rescheduled.

The three defendants involved in the murder of journalists, which took place on January 17 this year, were present at the hearing, which started shortly before 9:00 am this Monday and still continues in the afternoon.

The murderers of journalist Margarito were sentenced to 25 years in prison, but his mastermind went unpunished

Written by: Marco Tulio Castro / TXTO

The two criminals who killed journalist Margarito Martínez last January and recorded the attack were sentenced to 25 years in prison, but those who ordered the murder have not yet been prosecuted “for gossip,” according to evidence published in state court.

The charges presented by the Baja California Prosecutor’s Office to a judge say that David “El Cabo 20” would order Cristian Adán “El Cabo 16” to “put a jab at a soldier”, which consisted of killing Martínez for “The Hand”. Cabo 20” believed that the journalist published photos of his relatives.

But in this interim hearing, Cristian Adán “El Cabo 16” has chosen to face the murder charge in a trial that will begin next April, rather than accept a 25-year sentence in an abbreviated manner, as both material writers admit.

Those sentenced to prison are Adrián Nicolás Ramos, nicknamed “El Uber”, who shot Martinez in the back three times in the back, and José Heriberto Ochoa “El Huesos”, who recorded the attack, and Margarito’s wife, who tried to revive him.

Adrián Nicolás Ramos was “El Huesos”, who received the order through written conversations on his cell phone from Cristian Adán “El Cabo 16”, according to the evidence presented before the judge who ended the “El Uber” execution.

Although the federal government and the State’s Attorney General’s Office (FGE) point out that he ordered the murder, crime chiefs in the controversial Sánchez Tabaoda delegation, David nicknamed “El Cabo 20”, remain unrelated to the journalist’s murder.

Last November, David “El Cabo 20” was linked to the process for ordering the murder of a man who refused to sell drugs for him, according to the Baja California public ministry’s accusation.

A protected witness who attended the murder of Martínez as a guard, Adrián Nicolás Ramos, nicknamed “El Uber”, and José Heriberto Ochoa “El Huesos” also testified and received a thousand pesos out of the 20,000 “El Uber” charged for the crime. murder.

A neighbor of journalist Martinez, nicknamed “El Over”, lent the room he lived in the day before the murder to “El Huesos” and “El Uber” to keep an eye on the journalist.

A ministry report showed Margarito Martinez’s house could be seen from that room.

Another witness in the case, who acted with the criminals and was assassinated after giving his testimony, pointed out that José Heriberto Ochoa, in the delegation of “El Huesos” Sánchez Taboada, led a criminal organization they called bataca and that he carried out an operation “to kill”. contras.” and those who don’t line up”.

The prosecutor’s office said today that the gun with which journalist Margarito was killed is linked to five other murder investigation files, but has not yet been found by the investigating police.

But he said the murdered witness used a notebook to write down his criminal activities, handing over a drawing of “El Huesos” and “El Uber” where he hid the gun.

The sentence against Adrián Nicolás Ramos, nicknamed “El Uber” and José Heriberto Ochoa “El Huesos” also orders them to repair the damage for 486,000 pesos.

The oral trial of Cristian Adán “El Cabo 16” will begin on April 28 the following year, and the next hearing of David “El Cabo 20” for the murder of Carlos Adrián Estrada, who refused to sell drugs, will be held in Istanbul. next May

According to journalist Vicente Calderon, the 25-year prison sentence given to Martínez’s killers is neither sufficient nor does it eliminate impunity.

“It seems very cheap to me for a criminal to end the life of a person, especially a reporter, a photojournalist,” said the editor of

He also explained that it is necessary to remember that those convicted today are material criminals and to follow the “chain of truly ending impunity.”

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