11 people arrested for drug smuggling

11 people arrested for drug smuggling

*- In different parts of the state

TIJUANA BC, 15 JANUARY 2023 (AFN).- Ten men and one woman have been arrested for possession of different narcotic substances in different incidents in the cities of Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada, as reported by the State Citizens’ Security Force (FESC).

At Paseo Centenario in the Zona Río, Tijuana City, 32-year-old Jesús Noé “N”, originally from Sinaloa State, was arrested when he was speeding and was caught. , exhibited a violent attitude before the interrogation of the authority against whom it was decided to carry out a precautionary inspection; Two plastic packages containing marijuana were found in the cup holder.

Immediately, on First Avenue in Tijuana’s Zona Centro neighborhood, 27-year-old Jorge Luis “N” was arrested after trying to evade the investigation authority and finding 28 packages containing methamphetamine; and 16 bags of mystery.

Also in the city of Tijuana, a 50-year-old man identified as Lázaro Saturnino “N” was caught on Baja California street in the Zona Norte neighborhood; this person had 24 bags containing marijuana.

Later, on First Avenue in Tijuana’s Zona Norte district, Iván Eduardo “N” was arrested for possession of a package containing methamphetamine and nine packages containing marijuana.

Kevin “N”, 19, was arrested on Progreso street in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood in the municipality of Mexicali, with 20 packages containing white powder; Meanwhile, 25-year-old Vicente “N” was seized with 31 packets of methamphetamine in the private Coatzala neighborhood of Rincones de Puebla.

Later, 41-year-old Carlos Arturo “N” was arrested at the corner of Maderos street and H street in the Industrial neighborhood in Mexicali, trying to sell 12 small packages containing cocaine.

Also, 48-year-old José Ángel “N” was insured after leading a land chase on Río Champotón street between Décima and Eleventh of Pioneros neighborhood; During the search, 18 packages containing cannabis were found.

In the municipality of Ensenada, state agents intervened by identifying Doriana as “N” when, while touring the California subdivision, they saw a woman throwing a box at the authority units they were interfering with. 46 years; The box in question contained 32 methamphetamine packets, and similarly, a man named René Rigoberto “N”, 22, was caught red-handed in the El Roble neighborhood, which was found with 30 heat-sealed packets containing methamphetamine.

The last point occurred when the delegation of El Sauzal de Rodríguez in the municipality of Ensenada stopped a motorcyclist traveling at excessive speed and without a protective helmet; An examination of the man, who identified himself as 28-year-old Marco Antonio “N”, revealed that he had 11 packs of methamphetamine in his possession.

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