69-year-old coach Liz Hilliard: "I'm better than 30 today"

69-year-old coach Liz Hilliard: “I’m better than 30 today”


This North American fitness expert has created a method that combines yoga, Pilates and resistance exercises to keep bones strong and body healthy at all ages.

Liz Hilliard, 69, creator of Hilliard Studio Method.

“Die young but as late as possible,” said anthropologist Ashley Montagu. How slow down aging in the best way? for ram Liz Hilliard (Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, January 20, 1954) physical activity. “Movement is the key to longevity and it’s never too late Having just blown out 69 candles, this coach says “for a first start.” He feels that his body is stronger than ever before.

Life expectancy approaching 80 years in developed countries does not tell us anything about quality of life. This trainer says exercise can be the best medicine. Disgusting for the disease. “It’s important to keep the body moving at any age, not just for physical health, but also for mental and emotional health. Even a moderate 20-minute walk a day will make a difference,” she advises.

Liz Hilliard gives one of her most successful sessions.
Liz Hilliard gives one of her sessions that has been successful with female audiences.Photos courtesy of Liz Hilliard


The North American, who is widely followed on social networks such as Instagram or TikTok, has designed his own method, Hilliard Studio MethodA combination of yoga, Pilates and resistance exercises. He co-wrote a podcast with Lee Kennelly, who is increasingly in demand as a speaker. Be Strong with Liz & Leeand wrote the book Be Strong: Find Your Strength at Any Age, where it promotes empowerment at all ages strength training.

“I started my career in the fitness world as a certified trainer in 2007.” He says he’s trained in Pilates, but says his goal is to create a workout that’s results-oriented but fun, “even more challenging” or challenging, “modify the body in an efficient, safe, and effective way with results. fast and durable“.

Because if something costs someone who doesn’t train, it’s create the desired commitment Whoever finds it will not let go. When you stop seeing education as a lifestyle imperative. According to Hilliard, there are two ways to get there. First, reallyyou are passionate and stay with him.” Then, on the adventures, his companion said, “so that they can both take responsibility.” friend or partner who encouraged you and agreed to run, with whom it is impossible to fall asleep. “The perfect combination of the physical and mental support you need.” No excuse. “Whatever you do, keep moving forward. Even if it’s walking together,” she insists.

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Health parameters are comparable to those of many athletes.

Through Pilates training, Hilliard developed a competitive advantage in this mind-body training method that emphasized control and owes its name to the German Joseph Hubertus Pilates. But the trainer, who is a strength champion, wanted to include free weights, sliding discs, medicine balls, and resistance bands to help her clients work harder on this part. “They’ve accomplished some Results which they had never experienced.

So many positive changes are shifting towards being a lot safer, not just on a physical level, but once you walk through the door of his studio. “Power empowers women and men to find and be the best of themselves. joy of life at any age and at any stage of life.


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At 69, Hilliard is in good physical shape and aims to help many people find their best self.

He is the best example. He practices his own method four to five times a week, and on his off days he walks or bikes downtown. A combination where he has better physical data than in his thirties. “My percentage body fat is 12% Without doing conventional cardio”. To get an idea, women are in the normal range of 20% to 24%. And in case of any doubt: “VO2 max., the general health indicator based on cardiorespiratory fitness, is right behind it. someone’s professional players The football team is here in Charlotte,” he explains.

A typical day for the instructor starts with it coffee protein shake only. It adds 27 grams to their protein powders, clarifies, and sells them at their gym to ensure they contain multiple phytonutrients (plant-based substances with great health benefits for our bodies), vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

“delicious and It satisfies me and prepares me for success. “It stabilizes my blood sugar levels for the rest of the day and keeps me energized, ready to exercise and tackle any situation.”

Proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats such as avocado or salmon are part of their diet.

“A good day is when I have time to walk alone in nature with my dog ​​or partner Lee. [con quien comparte el podcast y trabaja en el estudio]”When you’re hungry, eat a healthy snack with protein and legumes, because nutrition is very important in your lifestyle. “Poached eggs with lentils or fresh fruit and vegetables.” Her favorite real food is, green salad Fresh with a healthy protein like Salmon.

The afternoon cook is Lee Kennelly. “It’s incredibly healthy,” she says, despite her delight: making dinner. with a glass of wine. This is his only ambition. “I enjoy sweets very occasionally. On a special occasion or a celebration. I avoid taking sugars other than those naturally found in fruit. Sugar is one of the most addictive substances in the world, and there is a clear correlation between its consumption and the following diseases: diabetes.

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The coach has an enviable physique with tight arms and a pronounced ‘core’.

Anyone who wants to reach the age of 70 in the best shape of their life already has Liz Hilliard’s recipe and steadfastness as inspiration: education, good nutrition and mental attitude. Your classes are available online for around 25 euros (first week free), only 10 minutes per hour and two live sessions per week. And one final piece of advice: “If you can only change one thing in your diet for longevity and health, halve your sugar intake, then work to cut it down completely, and you may find that you don’t eat sugar anymore.” you feel healthy.”

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