CaixaBank unveils comprehensive 'Full of Life' health program in La Palma

CaixaBank unveils comprehensive ‘Full of Life’ health program in La Palma

CaixaBank, in collaboration with the Trib-Arte Cultural and Social Association and the City Council, is bringing the comprehensive “Full of Life” health program, an initiative through the Social Action space of the financial asset, to the island of La Palma. Los Llanos de Aridane plans to increase socio-cultural opportunities for seniors with a dozen events in February and March, the entity reports.

More than one hundred seniors will benefit from this second edition of the programme, which puts the elderly at the center of the response, following the success of the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. At the presentation ceremony, Olga del Pino, head of Social Action at CaixaBank in the Canary Islands, highlighted the importance of this program, starring the elderly, “far from the charity model that underestimates important knowledge and the desire to continue to learn what the older group of people has in our society”.

The different activities of the “Full of Life” program are aimed at people over the age of 60 with the aim of providing tools, spaces and actions to help improve the physical, mental, emotional and social health of the participants, and to encourage artistic development. . , physical-sports, scientific and emotional.

With this initiative, walking routes were arranged by making use of the information obtained by the elderly from the walking and paths around them; science workshops to explore the management of different technological tools and their use in daily life; and emotional support sessions, among other activities, creating group spaces to share the wisdom provided by the years and foster a positive life.

In order to continue to apply the knowledge gained through the “Full of Life” program, a training set has been prepared that includes materials to be used in different workshops and that will enable individuals to carry out activities independently. where they are usually located, such as day-care centers or residences, as well as for people who are isolated at home due to mobility.

About CaixaBank’s Social Action

CaixaBank is an entity with a deep social profession. The institution, which is a cornerstone in sustainable banking, maintains its service approach towards its customers and the society in general.

Supporting social action initiatives and promoting volunteering is one way to contribute to responding to the challenges society demands, and the institution provides services and solutions for all types of people through financial activities.

The Social Action strategy focuses on promoting actions in collaboration with the “la Caixa” Foundation and other alliances directly supported by CaixaBank. Thanks to its regional capacity, the CaixaBank branch network, the largest in Spain with more than 3,900 retail branches and a presence in more than 2,200 municipalities across the country, can support the “la Caixa” Foundation in identifying the needs of local social organizations. .

CaixaBank’s sustainable performance has been recognized by major international institutions. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranks it among the top global banks for sustainability. The international organization CDP, on the other hand, sees itself as a leading company against climate change.

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