living is not living

living is not living

I listened to the music of the Catalan group Txarango the other day, they have wonderful songs with extraordinary precision in both their melody and lyrics. One of the best is undoubtedly his work ‘Tanca els uls’ (Close your eyes), and part of the text translated into Spanish says ‘To live is not to live, but to live is an attitude to fill life’. some short and simple words say a lot about our complex existence.

Attitude is a word that appears frequently today, along with its phonetic cousin Aptitude. Both are currently highly praised and common traits in self-help and other articles like this, often trivial and pocket psychology are in vogue these days, and both have likewise appeared together in many job applications.

First, Attitude, or the way one is willing to act or behave, becomes important because this quality is being reassessed in our increasingly competitive and challenging societies, which demand much more from individuals than is strictly allocated to each individual. . In addition, Attitude, which is of course positive according to human behavior experts, is beneficial for the physical and above all mental health of all people. As good or better for the heart than an aspirin or a currently very widely prescribed vitamin complex.

Second, Talent is undoubtedly very important and depends in part on the genetics that provide more or less intelligence in the gray box of the brain, the innate ability each individual has from birth, whether specialized or not, and the training received. Becoming a surgeon requires great skill at cutting livers, appendages, hernias, and other human offal, as well as a college education. Both conditions are necessary to become a butcher: in this case a fairly informal training and good handling of the huge knives they use for cutting and filleting, as well as knowing how to weigh and collect surpluses. more expensive. Remember that you should never argue with the butcher because at its highest point you may lose your mind.

In my particular case, if someone applies for a job with the agency, I claim both conditions. Talent is generally more or less the same in all applicants, a degree in advertising, extensive knowledge in the required fields in certain fields, design, creativity, production, media … and these are undoubtedly the basic requirements to apply. acceptable. But I am even more concerned with Attitude because having it means showing willpower, perseverance, creativity, growth, curiosity, effort, innovation… in short, going beyond the suggested limit of our own free will and this often leads us to differentiation and perfection. The much desired thing now called added value and which not everyone has.

But what is it to fill life even more, to fill life? What do most of us fill it with?

Some fill it with a pure routine, almost always doing the same tasks, the same routes, eating rice and beans, eating dinner with cassava and eggs, swallowing coke with cold drinks for company, watching TV, sticking some good stuff on the way home and work, almost always doing the same tasks, the same routes. eating turkey on the couch, staring at a bland newspaper or magazine, and not noticing how the sedentary belly has grown over the years and diminished in equal measure with their ability to act and reason as a person.

Others, already so full of virtuality, with computers in their eyes, cell phones in their hands or Ipods in their ears, receive a large percentage of junk and hyper content in the morning, afternoon, night and early morning hours. dangerously cornering the habit of opening the real book made of ink and paper, communicating with finger and key a mass of hundreds or thousands of anonymous friends who don’t really exist. The eyes, ears, and fingers of future generations, especially their thumbs, will develop, becoming thicker, more perceptive, with greater communication and retention capacity. The “big” finger of the hands will be called the “gordón” finger and will become “deduses”, types of “ojuses” with exorbitant orbits and elephant-type “orejuses” will also proliferate.

Others fill their lives with dirty things, bad thoughts and worse actions, jealousy, pornography, promiscuity, prostitution, colorful fables and stories, theft, domestic and social violence, and many end up drenched, often in deadly hospitals, behind prison bars. in mental hospitals wearing a straitjacket, committing suicide, marginalized or in perennial depressions on horseback. Unfortunately, more and more people are falling into this complex segment, as our societies are haphazard and tolerant.

Others fill their lives with greed, power, arrogance, boundless greed and greed, those who seize every possible opportunity to develop and rise economically and socially, those who get involved in dirty business, those who are involved in corrupt politics, those who put an end to the risks of drug trafficking, human trafficking and all forms of enrichment, the risk they can give to others. to be involved without concern for harm.

Others fill the bucket of their lives with joy, with kindness, regardless of whom. They are missionaries, aid workers, volunteers, doctors without borders, people risking their health and lives in marginalized or troubled regions of Asia, Africa or Latin America. Also, the neighbor who helps by sharing his meal with the less privileged or helping him change a flat tire on a rainy day. There are many good people who are good people.

Others fill their lives with knowledge, culture, greater knowledge. They are “letraheridos” who devour books of literature, poetry, philosophy, and other subjects that can enrich them as human beings. Those who devour lectures that might bring you new ideas, those who devour meetings from different perspectives, those who digest science topics that provide useful discoveries to humanity.

For my part, I try to fill life with a shopping cart, various ingredients that I love and are good for my health and pocket, some family meals, some various cultural meats, vegetables for many more tasks. Also, the indispensable rice and beans for daily exercise, sweet desserts and fruits for entertainment, and the spice of life in the form of humor cannot be missing. I also add some natural concoctions to help others within my limited means. I am quite happy with the result, although I am not the best chef in my life, I cannot complain about the food I eat, I like it and I digest it without any problems.

Dear readers, what life attitudes do you fill yours with? Analyze them and if you can enrich or balance them, the better for you and those around you.

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