Madrid Salud received 24.5m euros to finance its operations in the first quarter

Madrid Salud received 24.5m euros to finance its operations in the first quarter

The City Council Executive Board authorized and regulated an expenditure of 24.5 million euros (24,521,735 euros) for the autonomous municipal body Madrid Salud to continue financing its current activities in the first quarter of the year and to continue its development as such. Activities and plans, such as those approved and encouraged for addictions, unwanted loneliness, and suicide prevention, among others.

City spokesperson and Security and Emergency Delegate Inmaculada Sanz underlined this by emphasizing “the substantial and sustained budget increase in favor of Madrid Salud during this tenure”. In 2022, the autonomous body’s budget was 100.9 million euros, 5.1% more than in 2021 and 17.6% more than the last budget of the previous government team (85 million euros).

The city’s new Addiction Plan 2022-2026, a little over six months after its implementation (end of May), has stepped up actions and treatments to prevent or reduce addiction problems among Madrid’s population and the harm done to these people and their environment. to the new reality of addictions and the needs of the people affected and their environment.

Therefore, an advertising campaign has recently been launched to raise awareness among the people of Madrid about the major public health problem posed by drug addiction, while targeting drug users and making special resources available. network of municipal centers and services with more information on the web portal

Suicide Prevention Plan

Another recent action by Madrid Salud was the approval of the new Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2023-2024, which was approved last December and integrated into the ‘Madrid, a Healthy City 2021-2024’ Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy.

The plan is based on the overall aim of reducing desperation situations that can lead to suicidal thoughts and increasing life commitment in the city of Madrid through prevention activities. In this context, a very practical website on suicide prevention has also been established (

unwanted loneliness

Among Madrid Salud’s projects, together with the social area of ​​the City Council, the prevention of unwanted loneliness in the city, which is becoming increasingly common in developed societies, causing psychological disorders and possible ailments and diseases, comes to the fore. Unwanted loneliness worries the Government team, it is included in the Villa Contracts and a municipal plan is being developed to deal with it by the Advocacy, Safety and Emergencies and Families, Equality and Social Welfare areas.

This strategic project, which was prepared in mid-2021 with a budget of 2.5 million euros and included in the ‘Madrid Strategy, a Healthy City 2021-24’, was created to detect, mitigate and prevent this problem. The City Council extended the service contract a few months ago to continue the project in order to prevent unwanted loneliness in the city, Madrid Salud allocated more than 1.5 million euros until the end of 2025 for this.

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