Medical Association criticizes new Health offer worse than first

Medical Association criticizes new Health offer worse than first

This Navarra Medical Association (SMN), at the meeting held on Thursday, the Provincial Government Health Directorate’s “The proposal submitted on 30 January is a worsening from baseline Although it was said that he was inadequate in the first meeting, ” Their proposals are “inadequate and not very viable in the short term”.

SMN said in a statement that “within the framework of the current collective conflict, we will continue negotiations with the hope of reaching a viable and satisfactory agreement for the medical community as soon as possible.”

The union organization stated that “Health Minister Santos Induráin has not ceased to repeat in the media that Health has reached out his hand, but this did not happen in the changes to the initial proposal”. “We fully agree with the consultant that none of us want the current scenario, but there has been no trend by the current team during his tenure to really improve both the working and pay conditions of the medical community,” he said. “The proof of this is the violation of the agreement signed between the Ministry of Health and SMN in December 2019.”

As he says, “instead of a real negotiation, what they want from doctors is a quick, verbal agreement, and an agreement that real improvements will happen in a future where neither the consultant nor the director is now owned by the general nor the general manager.” , because the end of the current legislature is near”.

“They say this deal is the result of the hard work and dedication put into medical professionals. The proposed 400 euro salary increase is not only insufficient, but the system chosen to make it happen is complex and does not guarantee that all doctors are paid the same amount”, “how they chose the most difficult option to execute. We don’t understand, and this requires imprecise parliamentary procedures that the legislature can do with their remaining time,” they disclosed. in addition to needing a support that they don’t currently have.

In addition, SMN continued, “this salary increase is linked to the fulfillment of completely non-specific targets that would allow managers to stop paying them at any time due to non-compliance”.

Regarding exclusivity, the union said that “the situation is completely discriminatory to other doctors in Spain” and that “Health in the second proposal worsened the first proposal by backing out”. “Not accepting the withdrawal of exclusivity and proposing something that the medical community did not design or demand, this non-compliance continues to prevent doctors from practicing their profession outside the Administration.”

Finally, regarding the excessive workload, SMN commented that “the offers they made to us are even worse than those already signed in the December 2019 agreement”. “While the new approaches do not actually take any real measures to improve participation and reduce waiting lists, they raise a toast to a real sun that the Ministry of Health wants the Navarrese community to see as significant progress,” he said.

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