Secret friend gifts: play with your colleagues

Secret friend gifts: play with your colleagues

Christmas is the perfect excuse to entertain your family, friends and colleagues. In addition to ancient traditions, there are some traditions that are becoming more and more common nowadays. One of these secret friend gifts.

This secret friend gifts it usually takes place among colleagues during the holidays, but many large families have also started to practice it. And one of the biggest benefits is being able to focus on one gift and with a greater budget and dedication.

In many companies this game is recommended among peers themselves, but many are starting to make it their own app. In the work and family environment, it is not only good for having fun, but also provides positive motivation as well as improving relationships and climate.

This holiday season, be the one to propose to the secret friend and strengthen the bonds by designing this game and everyone will receive a very special gift.

How is the secret friend?

A meeting is usually held in the study areas to determine the rules of the game. Although they can vary, the base is very simple. A group of people set a budget and make a single gift. The person to whom the gift will be made is touched by chance. For several days, clues are given to make the recipient suspect who his secret friend is.

When the gift is delivered, it must be guessed who it is from. And usually, gifts that day are delivered in a festive setting, whether it’s a toast or a dinner.

How to organize secret friends?

The secret friend draw is the first and most important step for this game. All people in the group will get the name of another partner who will be the one to whom they should give gifts.

The elegance of the game is that the person is chosen at random, so you have to do your research to find the most successful gift.

When each person has another assignment, the ideal is to be able to set a budget. That way all gifts will be fair. It is always recommended to stipulate a minimum and maximum. While there are those who decide whether the gift is original or handmade, other groups prefer a high budget for a unique but great gift.

A gift delivery date is then determined. Until then, clues about who the secret friend is and the gift can be delivered day-to-day. When the gift is delivered, the recipient must guess who his secret friend is. To celebrate!

Traditional or virtual raffle

The secret friend draw is usually done with a simple piece of paper. All names, each on a separate piece of paper. They are folded into a bag, bowl or box and removed one by one. If the proper name comes up, it is shown, returned, and another is removed.

But nowadays technology can do anything and there are hundreds of applications and web pages that do the drawing virtually. Many even send the name of the person to whom the gift should be given via WhatsApp.

These apps also provide information about start date, end date, budget, etc. as well as the rules of the game.

Best gifts for secret friend

Many people prefer to receive an original gift. In fact, creating trending crafts and giving it to others.

But there are also those who prefer classic gifts. In this case, a single gift with a better budget is always better to entertain that person as they deserve.

In the latter case, there are some gifts that never fail. A little research into the other person’s tastes will suffice to refine the details.

Any ideas? Perfumes are great, but you can also opt for one type of clothing. The balance between originality and classic can be a small appliance, for example, a coffee machine or deep fryer for capsules. They can even be beauty products and skin care.

Choose from all alternatives secret friend gifts and treat a coworker to end the year by bonding and having a good time this holiday season.

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