SNS unions call for strike on February 15 to demand improvement...

SNS unions call for strike on February 15 to demand improvement…

Navarro Health Service (SNS), LAB, SAE, UGT, ELA, Afapna and CCOO unions have called for a February 15 strike, which may become indefinite, for all health and non-medical medical personnel, to demand workforce and wage improvements. For public health workers.

As they explained, the strike committee and preliminary notice of the strike have already been forwarded and are waiting for the Health department to contact them. They also stated that their intention was to create a common front between all unions, but they decided not to join the call: the Medical Association, which has been on strike since Wednesday, the Satse nurses’ union, which announced its intention to make the call. another strike – and Afapna.

At the press conference held at the University Hospital of Navarra, Lander Reiro of the LAB and Itziar Pérez of the UGT read a manifesto in Spanish and Basque in which they criticized the Government of Navarra. It has managed to completely demotivate the healthcare workforce, distort the General Picture, the Sector Table and the negotiation, and is fed up with a union representation that feels cheated as well as ignored”.

In that text, the unions stressed that the Covid-19 pandemic has “revealed both structural deficits and serious problems in the situation of the workforce”. And they censored that the “effort” and “sacrifice” of professionals during the health crisis had “won such little appreciation” by central and regional governments, “leading to the loss of purchasing power of public servants”.

In this sense, he reproached that “while betting on public services can only boast of cynicism, the staff who integrate them become impoverished and working conditions worsen”. Likewise, they affirmed that “only a legislator of the most stubborn conservatism can end without addressing the demands of the professional groups of the workforce.”

They accused the Government of Navarra of “devaluing the negotiating tables by turning them into a simple public address device”, allegedly “trying to have this one-sided information category of negotiation or social dialogue”. They don’t believe and they don’t respect.”

Likewise, they affirmed that the regional government “betrayed a relationship of mutual trust with the unions, while rejecting union demands throughout the legislature, while claiming that wage increases it had proposed for certain professionals were legally impossible.” “Divide and conquer” was the only premise they endorsed, “with little regard for working conditions and improving public services”.

For all these reasons, they evaluated that “work and wage improvements for health personnel cannot be delayed any longer” and demanded that the Government of Navarra initiate a negotiation process with union representatives.

Strike committee spokespersons Iván Irisarri of the LAB and Begoña Ruiz of the SAE, speaking to the media after it emerged, explained that the call for the strike was “an open offer to all unions”. General assembly and institutional ones that are not accepted by the Medical Association and Satse. Afapna, who took part in the General Assembly, said that “he joined at the beginning and left at the last moment”. “It was because the union was asking for improvement for all of Health’s employees,” Ruiz said.

Irisarri stated that the strike committee was formed because “we wanted to have a direct dialogue with the Ministry of Health, as other groups have succeeded.” Ruiz explained that the unions of the General Assembly had sent proposals to the Ministry of Health containing “significant improvements for all workers”, which were answered as “inadequate”.

Begoña Ruiz hopes the Department of Health will “sit down to negotiate seriously” before February 15. “We have very high minimum services to think about and not serve the public,” said Ruiz. “We are open to negotiations and what you need to do is not sit back and wait for the last day to see what happens,” he insisted.

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