Sueca hosted the VII Conference on Psychoeducation in Mental Health

Sueca hosted the VII Conference on Psychoeducation in Mental Health

This morning, Casa de la Cultura Meeting Hall was held by the Ribera Baixa Association of Relatives and People with Mental Pain (AFEM RB) in collaboration with the Sueca City Council. Hosted the Conference on Psychoeducation in Mental Health. The activity is part of the Stigma Reduction Program in Mental Health and Functional Diversity, specifically targeting the Sueca school population, which aims to promote mental health and eliminate stigma in the community, education and health environment. Different organizations work together in this Program: the Social Action and Health departments of the Sueca Municipal Council, the Universitario de la Ribera Hospital, the Community Prevention of Addictive Behaviors (UPCCA) and the Mental Illness Care and Follow-up Service (SASEM) Sueca Municipal Council, Municipal Vocational Workshop, SASM Foundation and AFEM RB.

“The organization of these Conferences is focused on providing visibility into existing mental health issues in the population. Initially, it was aimed at the general population, especially adults, as this is the association we work with. However, as part of the Stigma Reduction Program, which works with children and youth, we have started to highlight this type of population. This year, we attended the 3rd and 4th ESO students from the María Auxiliadora school, as well as the users and relatives of our association, as well as the general population who want to participate.” Carolina MartiPsychologist from the AFEM RB association and one of the speakers at the Conference.

Dimas Vázquez, mayor of Sueca; Social Action Council Member Manoli Egea; and Pilar Alapont, president of the AFEM RB association, were responsible for the opening of the Conference, which included the speakers’ interventions: Carolina Martí, psychologist of the AFEM RB association; Gloria Melero, occupational therapist from the AFEM RB association; Lorena Blasco, clinical psychologist in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit (USMIA) of the La Ribera Health Department at the Sueca Health Center; and USMIA psychiatrist María Beltrán.

“Our role as City Council is to support such important initiatives whose aim is to remove stigma and improve mental health so that people suffering from any condition can have the best quality of life. It is also very positive that young people are involved in learning about these ailments and, above all, how to promote a healthy lifestyle that avoids suffering from pathologies.” Dimas Vazquez.

Specifically, the VII Conference on Psychoeducation in Mental Health gave special attention to anxiety. “We will treat this disorder by focusing on how it presents and what symptoms it presents; but we will also talk about managing emotions from childhood, adolescence and adulthood and how good emotion management is preventive against any mental disorder. “In short, we’ll explain what we can do to manage stress and anxiety as they become more pathological, and how to learn to take care of our mental health in general.” Lorraine BlascoClinical psychologist at the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit (USMIA).

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