The meeting between the Health and Medical Association ended without significant developments.

The meeting between the Health and Medical Association ended without significant developments.

Representatives of the State Government Ministry of Health and the Medical Association of Navarra (SMN) will hold a meeting this Thursday. short but “clear and clear” meeting, in which no significant progress has been madeThe Director General of Health reported, Carlos Artundo.

Artundo told the media at the end of the meeting: A new meeting is scheduled for this Friday. With SMN, it’s still not verified, so “roads open” reach an agreement to end An indefinite strike that started this Wednesday.

“The process accelerated a bit because we didn’t have much time left” Artundo wanted to look at points of agreement rather than points of disagreement, saying that the legislature and “the strike is not good for anyone, neither for professionals, nor for the service, nor especially for the public.”

As for wages, he commented that a “very interesting and very important” proposal has come from the Government because “we are talking for the first time to increase the basic wages of doctors in Navarra”. Special, The department offers a salary increase of 400 euros, while SMN is asking for one of 500 euros per year (1,000 in total) for two years.

Artundo felt that the increase in wages was “significant”, “a good idea” and “definitely a good move” at the moment. “It makes a lot of sense to improve the salaries of doctors, like other healthcare professionals,” he added.

In any case, he said of the Administration that “we are now talking about what we can do in this house in the short term,” because “what happens or is discussed in other legislatures, we already have to be serious and responsible there.

Open Excessive workload in Primary CareHe said it was “easy to deal with there” and “definitely possible”. maximum 32 patient services per day, 12 minutes for face-to-face consultation and to avoid extra or “forced” requests, except in certain emergencies or where agreed by the professional.

Regarding the removal exclusivityHe noted that the Government of Navarra had offered “half-way” on the basis of “non-compliance”, meaning the doctor could work in a private activity that was not his area of ​​expertise in the afternoon.

Artundo chose not to give further details about the negotiations, He pointed out, after emphasizing that “as with all negotiations, today is not a day to set boundaries or red lines,” as it is “generally wise and prudent to do these things with a certain respect for privacy.”

The general manager said that what was agreed with the SMN “of course becomes aggregated”, but “another different thing is that there are clearly channels and some legal, administrative procedures” and that’s why the agreements are in the Desk Sector and “which has some powers and no one needs to question them” “General Health Board.

After noting that “we need a quick deal”, “I don’t even want to think about a no-deal scenario because I believe we’re all going to lose, and it doesn’t seem optimal or wise to me,” Artundo said.

About inter-union Health, who called strike from February 15 that they have met privately with all the unions that make up it, and they will continue to meet them “faster”especially to deal with the supplement package of Primary Care.

in relation to strike follow-up This Thursday, he said, “it’s down a bit, it makes sense, it’s the second day of the strike” and that “pattern has been maintained” of follow-up more than hospitals in the Primary and less in the Tudela area. More in Estella and Pamplona.

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