The only place where it will be mandatory to wear masks from 8 February in health centers, pharmacies and residences

The only place where it will be mandatory to wear masks from 8 February in health centers, pharmacies and residences


Opticians and hearing centers are excluded from mask application, such as public transport


Health Minister Carolina Darias exposed the autonomous communities at their meeting at the Interregional Council today. leaving the mask on public transport and opticians and hearing centers. It will continue to be used in health centers, pharmacies and residences as it has been until today.

The current incidence of coronavirus in Spain is very low, albeit underdiagnosed and partial, as it only measures its impact in people over 60 years of age. This The cumulative incidence at 14 days is 67.58 cases and with signs of descending, given that less than half in 7 days, 26.02. This Healthcare pressure from the virus is also persistent right now.: There are 2,341 inpatients, and the bed occupancy rates in hospitals and intensive care units are 1.87% and 2.01%, respectively. Moreover, 58.2% of those over the age of 60 already have the fourth dose, The second booster has been updated according to the new variants.

This Seasonal viruses such as influenza and RSV are also in decline.. On the one hand, the rate of hospitalization for RSV infection (respiratory syncytial virus responsible for bronchiolitis in children) was 2.5 cases per 100,000 people versus 4.2 cases in the previous week. Globally, acute respiratory infections fell 15% from January 15 to January 26. That’s at the expense of this week’s report confirming the drop in cases.

The proposal to remove the current obligation will be submitted to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, February 7th. Official withdrawal of masks could be on 8 FebruaryBecause, although no details are given as to when the measure will take effect after ratification, the Government’s agreements are usually ratified in the Official State Gazette (BOE) the next day. And so it happened in previous modifications of the standard.

Almost a year ago, on February 10, the green light was given to go out without him. They had to wait until April 20 to give up the obligation in closed places other than health centers and public transportation vehicles. And since then, the moment has been waited to put it aside in the latter, especially since Spain was one of the last countries to lift this restriction.


will rise Obligation to wear masks in public transport, opticians and hearing centers. This changes the next point. Royal Decree 286/2022: “In the media Air transportationby rail or cable and busessame time public passenger transport. Inside closed areas of ships and boats Except for cabins where it is not possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters and is shared by groups living together”.


Currently, Darias, although under scrutiny, is, to no surprise, Masks will be available in pharmacies and residencesIn addition health centers Y social health (hospitals, clinics, mobile…).

Therefore, the following assumptions of the last RD regulating the use of masks thus far will be preserved: “In health centres, services and establishments”, which are established by Royal Decree No. That is, in the following cases: employees and visitors to care centers and people admitted when they are in common areas outside their rooms; employees and visitors in common areas in social and health centers.

More than 900 (970) days have passed since it was published in the BOE, The instruction regulating its mandatory use on May 20, 2020. Since then, they have been gradually withdrawn in some areas in 2022. First abroad: Royal Decree 115/2022 of 8 Februarygave the green light to put the masks aside outside. Then indoors: Royal Decree 286/2022 of 19 Aprilremoved the use of masks in closed areas, except for public transport and sanitary and socio-sanitary areas. This is the one that will remain in effect until next February 8th.

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