Who monitors the safety of slot machines and casinos in Spain?  And what are the rules?

Who monitors the safety of slot machines and casinos in Spain? And what are the rules?

The online gaming industry has a very different approach and regulation or lack of it depending on where you live because each country has its own regulations and vision for this industry. Inside Slotjava Spain If this is your country, you can find reliable and safe online casino recommendations. However, you may be wondering who regulates online gambling in Spain.

The answer is very simple. The regulatory body for online games in Spain is the Directorate General for Gambling Regulation (DGOJ), whose purpose is to ensure that online games are safe, fair and impartial for players and comply with current laws and regulations.

When did this regulation come into force and what standards does it contain?

This sector has started to be regulated with the Law No. 13/2011. The main rule it contains is that all online casinos must have a license in order to operate. The good thing about this arrangement is that it also allows entry for foreign operators, so Spain has become one of Europe’s most important markets for online gambling and betting. In addition, it includes the obligation to have secure payment instruments and to be of legal age for logged in users.

This arrangement has undergone different variations over the years. For example, it is noteworthy that neither online slot machines nor betting exchanges, which were not added to the law and were made regular until 2015, were initially not allowed, which meant a huge growth with the arrival of many operators, both national and international.

What is the current regulation?

Despite the popularity of online gambling and the advantages of being fully regulated and that online gambling sites must comply with a number of legal requirements to be accepted, 2021 has come with major restrictions for this industry.

These changes came with Royal Decree 958/2020, which came into effect in the said 2021 year. This decree contained two major restrictions that directly affected the online gaming world.

– Ban on offering promotions to new users

This decree expressly prohibited online casinos from giving new customers welcome bonuses and promotions such as no deposit bonuses or free spins. This measure is aimed prevent addiction gambling.

This fact undoubtedly affects online casinos in a very negative way, as it is a great marketing strategy to attract new users by offering both welcome bonuses for signing up and free spins or demos to keep them at the casino.

– Ad restrictions

Another important measure instituted by this public tool concerns advertising. Until then, it was common to see celebrities and notable personalities, many from the world of sports, starring in television commercials about gambling and online betting. With the aforementioned decree, in addition to the prohibition of the famous people from appearing in the said advertisements, broadcasting hours were restricted in order to prevent gambling addiction and gambling association, and only retransmissions were allowed between 01:00 and 05:00. same for success.

Ultimately, he What does this new regulation mean? Despite its limitations, online gambling has a good future in the Spanish market. Therefore, the new rules imply that casinos are up to date, improving both their quality and relationship with their users, as well as their security and variety of offers, to mitigate the negative impact of the lack of advertising or free promotions.

In any case, it should also be noted that this rule does not affect the terms of the game and its technical or economic obligations, such as obtaining a license, so online casinos only have to comply with the regulations in force in order to stay. positioned in their respective industries.

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