Work has begun to obtain a school physical fitness certificate

Work has begun to obtain a school physical fitness certificate

Movement began in CAPS for pediatric checkups and demand for physical fitness certificates to be presented in schools. It turned out that in some institutions, they demand medical control among the necessary conditions for They remember from the CGE that the certificate can be issued once a year and on the student’s order not to overload the health system due to the demand for overtime at the beginning of the year.

General Education Council Physical Education Director, Horace Nackesort of FIRST EDITION he is “The issue of physical fitness certification is a collaborative topic between Education and Public Health for years.” Clarified “The idea was to monitor students’ physical parts and the certificate expires on their birthday. It was set up at the beginning of this year, as always, to prevent a collapse in Primary Care Centers (SBHs),” he said.

Although there is an annual expiration date, some institutions are beginning to require medical studies when enrolling children for the start of the school year. The official stated the following in this regard: “Schools have autonomy in this requirement, but without reaching an obligation.” In this sense, he assured that “it is a matter of monitoring the health of their children and an awareness-raising exercise for parents”.

Nacke explained it in a full face-to-face turn “The number of students who do not offer a physical fitness certificate is decreasing. For the most part, all students have it because they go to the pediatrician or go get their vaccinations and then get the opportunity to get certified”.

Beyond the necessity of educational institutions, he reminded: “Regular pediatric checkups help detect any other condition.”

In her experience with trainers and medical checkups, she noted: “All parents with children, especially if they have certain pathologies, always have up-to-date health checks and certifications.”


in communication with FIRST EDITION municipal health director “We have resumed extensive operations with the Ministry of Health since last week, where we have been providing both clinical and pediatric care, and have conducted school physical fitness certifications,” said Liliana Stepanenko. These certificates are “made when the patients come to the child control, so that the children can do physical education when they start school, otherwise they cannot do physical education”..

In this type of certification requirement at the beginning of the year, she said, drawing on her experience as a pediatrician: “In private and public, parents have a hard time getting appointments, so the idea is to offer a solution in these circumstances.”

On the other hand, he pointed out that: “In the municipal CAPS, where the number of shifts is not high, we have decided to organize operations with pediatricians and nutritionists, with whom we have completed the national vaccination and COVID program. This is available from 7am to 11am on request to avoid the hot hours.”

Beyond the controls in municipal operations, Stepanenko clarified: “This does not replace the pediatric checkup that children need to have with their primary pediatrician.”

Regarding vaccination of the pediatric population, he emphasized: “The idea is also to complete immunization schedules. Sometimes parents forget or don’t know if they need to vaccinate, so the idea is to keep the vaccine up to date”.

At the municipal level, they plan to continue sanitary operations in neighborhoods throughout the year. Thereupon he stated: “We planned that every Wednesday, with the previous program organized by the Social Development department, we access areas where they had difficulty accessing hospitals due to distance or lack of shifts.”

With these processes “Aside from their physical fitness certificates, they also check for children and older adults who are unable to access clinical care or have a disability.”

Liliana Stepanenko noted in medical care: “Both the clinical and pediatric parts are in highest demand.” Regarding the difficulty of medical appointments, he replied: “Public demand exceeds the number of professionals available.”

They still feel the physical consequences of isolation.

Beyond being a subject in the school curriculum, Physical education is considered an important part of the social and cognitive development of children. In this process, the pandemic has affected many children due to staying at home for a long time, sedentary lifestyle and not doing sports. So much so that in some cases, motor difficulties, overweight and obesity appeared.

In this regard, CGE Physical Education Manager, Horacio Nacke pointed out that “With the return after the most difficult period of the pandemic, the entire lack of physical activity in students is very evident”.

On the physical part, he shared this “Boys are more affected by the motor part than kids 5 and older, where they go through the motor experience phase.” In such results, he assured “Although it may seem like a little, the lack of activity for over a year has also reflected on the children who have difficulties in moving, throwing, coordination and balance.”

Returning to full participation in schools, Nacke said: “In the field of Physical Education, how to get students started working with them has been reconsidered.”

Concerning the results obtained when continuing experiences with physical and sporting activities in schools, Nacke stated that there is such an attitude in the engine. This is only now starting to emerge when the pandemic started over two years ago.”

Working directly with students when they returned to school, he recalled: “When talking to teachers, they point out that boys still have an extreme need to talk to each other. So there was a concerted effort to help body expression and release these energies in schools to allow greater educational fluidity.”

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