Workdays lost due to mental health problems increased by 20% compared to last year

Workdays lost due to mental health problems increased by 20% compared to last year

Increasing psychological problems It has skyrocketed since the pandemic According to the data of Mutua Navarra, which registered in the last year 20% increase in lost days per worker compared to 2021 “for lack of sanity,” as announced this Thursday by the head of the healthy corporate district, Javier Igea. Anxiety and depression are the two most common disorders, Igea added. blue awards ceremony with which Mutual Navarre distinguishes organizations that excel at promoting a culture of health in their workforce, and this number is Atecna.

The person responsible for receiving the award at the ceremony held at the Navarre Business Confederation (CEN) became its CEO. Gorka Lacunzadescribed it as “a very important recognition”. “It is obtained with health balance between health, compromise, competitiveness and productivity. requiring constant vigilance and effort to turn into a company friendly and comfortable environment commuting to work is not stressful,” he synthesized.

The law was submitted by the person responsible for CEN’s communication, Raquel Perez Ayerraand closed by the Director General of Business Policy, International Projection and Labor, Government of Navarra, Izaskun Goni. Six more companies received the healthy company seal from Mutua Navarra. These happened Beloso Alto residence, Enhol group, Municipality regimentLa Información group, Sungrow Ibérica and Josefina Arregui clinic.


“70% of visits to the GP are due to ongoing stress over time,” he assured. david del rosarioresearcher in neuroscience in his presentation before the awards ceremony. This expert pointed out that stress is an “evolutionary gap” from a distant past in which human beings frequently grappled with death. However, in the current situation they are a disproportionate and dangerous response The human body “collapses” due to the release of hormones that alarm it and prepare it to face a situation. life or death like being eaten by a lion, which is scientifically called the ‘fight-flight’ response. “If the body has eight to twelve ‘fight-flight’ responses a day, the levels of hormones like corticosteroids remain constant in the body, so we experience what I call biology. survival‘, he explained.

Del Rosario summarizes the latest developments neuroscience to explain how the human brain works. He underlined that humans have the ability to capture only through their senses. 5% of all information in your environmentjust a small part be 10% aware. And with this raw material added to the genetic basis and special purposes of each person, the human brain, “neural suggestion” in the way of thinking still “possibility, not real”. These thoughts are “like breathing,” he added. auto-response that can be modulated but not controlled. The human brain is constantly generating thoughts. response to everyday situations. And just like the muscles of astronauts that weaken in weightlessness because they don’t need much physical strength to move, unnecessary thoughts are thrown out by the brain. “What scale does the brain use to measure the usefulness of a thought? feelings“Impressed.

Therefore, Del Rosario emphasized that: Thoughts that produce positive feelings of utility are stored. to elaborate future “neural suggestions”, those that do not generate them are discarded. The problem is that people taking these thoughts, reinforced by feelings of positivity, as “facts”A mistake that leads to “movie creation” when interpreting everyday experiences with other people. “We must be aware of our ignorance and not be arrogant,” he advised. Emotions of positivity not only act as a filter for thoughts, but are also useful for maintaining attention. According to the latest research in neuroscience, people mentally moderate well-being and arousal in terms of positive emotions, ability to maintain attention Say something.

With all these explanations, you suggested a method. try to control stress and “the lion appears less” In daily life. Once you realize that the brain lives in this balance between well-being and activation, and that stimuli change this balance through emotions and thoughts, it is possible to detach yourself from the reactions triggered in the body. “It’s a simple proposition, but I’m not saying it’s easy,” he agreed.

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